Dr Markku Kuisma

Dr Markku Kuisma

Medical Director, Helsinki Emergency Medical Service

Dr Markku Kuisma is an anaesthesiologist who has been working in the area of emergency medicine for 25 years. For the last 12 years he has been the medical director of capital area EMS in Helsinki, Finland. Markku is actively engaged with research and he is an associate professor of emergency medicine in the University of Helsinki. His main topics in research have been cardiac arrest and resuscitation, stroke, intoxication and quality management. He has a degree in quality management (MQ, Master of Quality). In the area of disaster medicine Markku has a diploma as an European Master in Disaster Medicine (EMDM). He is the chairman of major incident board in Helsinki area and he has been responsible for major incident and anti-terrorism preparedness for several events, mass gatherings and summits. He is very keen on promoting active cooperation between various authorities in order to provide better disaster preparedness


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