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JESIP: Joint Organisational Learning – JOL Online

Day 2 - Wednesday 7th March


Time Session
10.00-10.10 Introduction to Joint Organisational Learning (JOL)
10.10-10.25 The importance of learning lessons
10.25-10.40 JOL Online
10.40-11.25 JOL Online demonstration
11.25-11.30 Question and Answer Session


What is Joint Organisational Learning (JOL)?

Joint Organisational Learning is about ensuring that the emergency responder agencies can capture learning that may impact on the Joint Emergency Service Interoperability Principles (JESIP) and/or national capabilities  This learning may come from training, testing and exercising or incidents and is likely to be identified through standard de-brief processes.

Why is JOL required?

A significant challenge in the past for both emergency services and wider responders has been the ability to identify issues when working with other agencies.  From those issues identified, if lessons are learnt, then will could improve future multi-agency response and interoperability.

How does JOL Online work?

JOL Online does not work independently from already existing single sector processes for capturing lessons and notable practice, but is embedded into these structures to ensure any duplication of work is limited and lessons across emergency responder agencies are thoroughly and jointly analysed.

The key to the capture of all interoperability and national capabilities lessons is through local single and multi-agency debriefs.  All debriefs should have interoperability as a core theme and any lessons identified are captured in line with JOL Guidance and inputted onto JOL Online.

JOL Online – The Future

JOL Online and its supporting governance and structures now provides emergency responder agencies with a clear and standardised national process for learning and supporting beneficial and sustainable change. It improves planning and response arrangements and underpins the values of JOL Online – “Learning together for safer, stronger communities”. 

JESIP and our stakeholders will continue to work with emergency responder agencies to increase awareness and use of JOL Online.  Resources to support JOL Online can be accessed via our JESIP website

About the speaker: Brian Welsh JESIP Senior User - FRS


Brian Welsh

Brian has served as an Operational officer in Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service for 22 years and is currently. He has undertaken roles within his host service which include: Urban Search and Rescue Team Leader, Liverpool District Station Manager, Contingency Planning Manager, Operational Planning Manager, Training Centre Manager, Liverpool District Fire Safety Manager, National MTFA Programme Coordinator and is currently the UK Fire and Rescue Service JESIP Senior User. Additionally, he holds many other skill sets which include a wide range of USAR qualifications, National Interagency Liaison Officer, HMEPO, DIM Advisor, Marine Officer, CBRN Silver Commander.

In JESIP the Senior Users roles are cross cutting but we have key references and lead on specific projects. Since 2014 I have been the lead for the design, development and implementation of a national system for enabling emergency responder agencies to capture, share and learn from lessons identified which impact on interoperability and more recently our response to national risks and associated national capabilities. This is the first and only system for the UK resilience community to identify lessons and notable practice, learn from each other and to improve joint working which makes a real, sustainable difference to how we work together to save lives.

When I am not living and breathing JESIP, I do like to explore mountainous parts of the UK and Europe and regularly walk the most beautiful parts of our country, camping of course and on most occasions with my family and friends.

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