1. Recent major incident/terrorist related incidents; Types and distribution of casualties Casualty priorities Proposed solutions for casualty tracking Supporting software solutions What we have done in ...
  2. UK’s Police response to a CBRN Incident and the coordinated response required. Public Communication strategies – ‘ Remove Remove Remove’ Salisbury and Amesbury lessons learned
  3. Identifying gaps in the operational and strategic management. Defining the missing interagency links. Naming training deficits and how to translate these to challenging opportunities.
  4. Basic and other units integrated into a system Fire rescue system in a nutshell Civil protection modules in the Czech Republic Crisis management system of the Czech Republic
  5. Operations Plans and policy Future capability development
  6. Is triage of mass casualties ethical in civilian practice? Triage of violent perpetrators and victims: Who is first? Ethics and the media: A new challenge for physicians
  7. Why do we need to identify lessons? The process behind the system
  8. Development Intended Use
  9. An overview of the organisation structure and unique characteristics that define SAMU (Urgent Medical Aid Service) Planning and contingency Command and control of medical teams
  10. National Exercise Programme Medical/Ambulance exercising in a multiagency area Medical considerations in a counter-terrorism exercise
  11. Unique challenges that the Salisbury Incident in March 2018 brought to public health emergency response. Planning, training and exercises for such events and the pressure of operating during an incide ...